Join David’s Been Here as they travel all around Bosnia and Herzegovina in search of the coolest destinations and best day trips. In this travel short, David brings us 1-1.5 hours south of Banja Luka to the Medieval Ottoman town of Jajce. One of the ancient capitals of the Bosnian Kingdom (dating back to the 14th century) this city was captured by both the Ottomans and Hungarians, with some incredible historic sites to show for it. If you’re taking this unique day trip from Banja Luka, make sure you wander the medieval town, visit the city wall and castle… but don’t miss the Jajce Waterfall- it’s by far the coolest attraction in the region! If you’re looking for a quick visit in Bosnia & Herzegovina that combines rich history, local culture and beautiful landscapes/surroundings, a trip to Jajce is the perfect outing!

(Youtube: David’s Been Here)