The Balkan Peninsula has a lot to offer, starting from food, life style and its unique architecture represented by communist buildings and famous castles. With a wealthy history, culinary and cultural traits, the Balkan Peninsula should be the first destination on your travel list. Feel free to dive into the unique architecture only the Balkan has to offer.
Kalemegdan Citadel in Belgrade, Serbia
The Kalemegdan Citadel is located in Stari Grad, in the heart of the capital city of Serbia, Belgrade. Lying on the banks of the rivers Sava and Danube, around 100 battles were fought over the astonishing Kalemegdan. Throughout the centuries, its Citadel was destroyed nearly more than 50 times. Even though this fortress may have been through some horrible times throughout the history, nowadays you can enjoy the beautiful panoramic view and drink your cup of coffee in the nearby cafes.
Tsarevets in Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria
Tsarevets is one of the castles the Balkan can be proud of. Two hundred years ago, this castle was the home of the Second Bulgarian Empire, meaning the emperor and the patriarch. As a part of the castle, there is also a cathedral and dungeons where Latin emperors rest in peace. Nowadays, if you are able to pay a visit to Tsarevets on 22nd March which is the city’s holiday, you are going to witness a marvelous spectacle with audiovisual effects and an exquisite light show.
Central Post office in Skopje, Macedonia
Even though the Center of Skopje and its architecture in general is a mix of Ottoman authenticity and buildings from the neo-historical period, the visitors’ attention is turned towards the Central Post office. It is without any surprise that its mixture of modern details and beautiful shape, its unique design was created by a famous Macedonian architect Janko Konstantinov who had the chance to learn from the famous Finnish architect, Aalto Alvar. This concrete building is one of the most famous buildings the city of Skopje is proud of.
Smederevo’s Castle, Serbia
Smederevo is the former capital of Serbia and offering you one of the most beautiful landmarks, the famous castle of Smederevo. It is located west of Belgrade, on the bank of the river Danube. Its shape is triangular, and altogether it has got 25 big towers, a citadel and a moat. This castle was built in only a year in the fifteenth century and it is a representative of the last bulwark of the Serbs against the Ottoman Imperia.
Pazel Kastel, Croatia
Pazin is the capital of the Norhern part of Istria’s region. A town of about 6.000 people, it is the home to one of the most stunning, medieval and famous castles, the Pazel Kastel. Its origin take us back to 938 AD when it was actually first mention in historic documents. Pazel is a town that had a very turbulent history, this castle fell under many conquerors, having included the famous Habsburg Dynasty and Venice’s government. Over the years, the castle was the home of the government center, a defense fortress, a prison and a remarkable location for public events, celebrations and festivals. Today, the Ethnographic museum of Istria is a part of the castle, where musical instruments, clothing, bells, farm tools and barrels can be found.
Jajce Castle, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Jajce is a small city, known as the independent capital of Bosnia and the fortress town. In the heart of Jajce, you definitely won’t miss the Jajce Castle, one of the most famous medieval castles looking towards the Old Town. This castle was once home to many kings and their crest can still be seen at the main entrance. You will be stunned by the amazing panoramic view towards the mountains and the waterfalls.