Dear guests,

This web site is made for all the visitors of Jajce, cultural heritage and natural beauty fans, artists, photographers, experts of different profiles, educational institutions and all those who are involved in providing tourist information that might be of interest to both, domestic and tourists from abroad.

Public Institution “Agency for Cultural, Historical and Natural Heritage and Development of Tourist Potential of Town Jajce” (hereinafter: “the Agency”), has been founded on 12th March, 2007, by the decision of the Municipal Council of Jajce. The goal of its founding is to preserve, restore and revitalise the cultural-historical monuments and natural heritage of the Municipality of Jajce, and develope and promote the tourist potential of Jajce.

I am using this opportunity to give honour to the employees of the Agency, and to Mrs. Aida Softic Joldic as their previous leader in achieving these positive results, and for the created touristic guide, which is the basis for this website development.

I especially thank to the Municipal Mayor, Mr. Edin Hozan and his associates on the past and future support and assistance in the work of the Agency and the development of tourism in the Municipality of Jajce.

Welcome to our website,

Huso Hadzic