Centrally located, easily accessible from all major cities in Bosnia, this historic town may not be a hidden gem but it is certainly worthy of a visit.

Located in Central Bosnia, a 3-hour car ride away from the capital city, Jajce sits on confluences of the rivers Pliva and Vrbas. It served as residence of the last Bosnian king and today it is home to 29 national monuments and to one of the ten most beautiful waterfalls in Europe.

Jajce Old Town. iStockphoto/Adnan Vejzovic. 

It does not really matter if you are looking for an adventurous trip, sightseeing, nature exploring or tasting local cuisine, you will not be disappointed by choosing this town for a day-trip or even a longer one. If you are already in Sarajevo, hop on a bus or rent a car and head towards west; in no time you will reach Jajce.


Walled city of Jajce

One of the dozens of national monuments and a must-see in the town is the fortress which is believed to be built back in the 13th century. Besides offering an amazing view over the old town, the fortress still preserves some unique remains of royal heritage and other remains from the Ottoman era. Just make sure you arrive within working hours – 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. in summer and 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. in winter. 

Streets of Jajce Old Town. iStockphoto/SchevchenkoAndrey.

Jajce Waterfall

Except for its beauty, the waterfall of Jajce is also famous for being one of the rare waterfalls situated at a spot where one river meets another. Surrounded by greenery, this site is an inevitable photo shooting spot for tourists and passers-by.

If you are lucky enough, once per year you can also witness a unique, adrenaline-filled competition, namely the Red Bull Cliff Diving, which gathers legendary names of this sport. If you are brave enough, you can try it yourself!

Jajce Waterfall. iStockphoto/julof90. 

Plivsko Lake

There is something for nature lovers too. Whether you are up for a slow stroll around the lake, some pedaling, or seeing small mills built back in Ottoman era (historic site again!), Plivsko Lake is a place you cannot miss when in and around Jajce.

The calming green of the nearby woods and the silent water of the Big lake (yes, there is the Small lake too!) is perfect for your energy recharge. If you decide one day would not be enough, you can always book a bungalow or an apartment located around the lake(s).

Lake Pliva. iStockphoto/Adnan Vejzovic.

Mills on Lake Pliva. iStockphoto/xantana. 

Locals of Jajce are known for their hospitality so do not hesitate asking them about small tips for where to eat or go out. What is great about this town is the fact that everything worth seeing is within a walking distance and this will spare you from unnecessary taxi or local transportation expenses.

(Lejla Mujagic / www.travelade.com)