Dado Ruvic visited the Pliva Lake near Jajce. Read his comment:

„Today, while visiting bosnian natural beauties, I met few incredible boys who were enjoying a sunny day in a innocent, technology-free way. It really brought me back to my childhood and all these bittersweet memories had overflown my mind. It brought me back when me and my friends hung out together and actually played with eachother in person, not online. We competed who can jump in the silliest or bravest ways and who can climb the tallest tree. Not who has a better smartphone or more facebook friends, instagram followers and etc. I really saw myself in these kids. I owe them a huge thank you for giving me this amazing gift today in Jajce, a city in the heart of Bosnia, that lies on the beautiful Pliva Lakes where you don’t know where the beauty is greater – in the hipnotizing waterfalls or in the divine sky“.

Thank you Dado for your comment and beautiful photos!’s choice: Click here (photo number 8)