1.The historic site of the ramparts and bastions of the old fort of Jajce

2.The site and remains of the histor- ic building known as Burićeva – the Burić house in Jajce

3.The site and remains of the his- toric building of the church of the Most Holy Mother of God in Jajce together with movable heritage items consisting of five icons from the iconostasis

4.The architectural ensemble of the church of St John in Podmilačje

5.The architectural ensemble of St. Mary’s Church with St. Luke’s Belltower in Jajce

6.The historic building of the the Dizdar or Women’s Mosque

7.The AVNOJ Centre in Jajce, complete with its movable property comprising portraits of Tito, Stalin, Roosevelt and Churchill

8.The site and ruins of the archi- tectural ensemble of the Čaršija (Sultana Esma) mosque and ancil- lary buildings of the fountain, resi- dential building, mekteb (Muslim religious school) and graveyard

9.The historic monument known as the King’s Tomb in Zastinje near Jajce

10.The historic urban area of Jajce

11.The historical monument of the Catacombs in Jajce

12.The historic building of the Kršlak house (Kapetanović house, Kršlak house no. 2) in Jajce

13.The site and remains of the historic building of the old Kršlak house in Jajce

14.The historic (antique religious) monument of the Mithraeum in Jajce

15.Musafirhana in Jajce, the site of the historic monument

16.The historic site of the necropo- lis with stećak tombstones at Vinac, Municipality Jajce

17.The architectural ensemble of the Omerbeg house in Jajce

18.Pliva Lakes with mills complex on Pliva river, the cultural area

19.The burial ground of the Hrast Roman Catholic cemetery in Jajce

20.Sarač’s house, the Finances Building (Lower Vocational School) and the Old primary school (Lower Music School), the archi- tectural ensemble

21.The historical building Sinan- Bey or Okić Mosque

22.The historic monument of the old or Hafizadić drinking fountain in Jajce

23.The historic site of Komotin Castle, Jajce Municipality

24.The historic site of the Old Vinac Fort

25.The architectural ensemble of the Fortress in Jajce

26. Building in street Varoš, House of family Filipovic