The Municipality of Jajce is located in the central part of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the western part of the Central Bosnian Canton in Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The Municipality of Jajce borders the  following municipalities: Donji Vakuf and Travnik on the East, Dobretići on the North and Jezero, Šipovo and Mrkonjić Grad municipalities on the West.  On the area of 363 square kilome- ters live about 30.000 inhabitants. Jajce is connected to other parts of the country with roads M-5 and M-16.
The rivers Pliva and Vrbas, rich with quality fish, flow through this area. There are also Large and Small Pliva lakes, only five kilometers away from the town.  The lakes are suitable for water sports. The surrounding mountains with „Suhi vrh“, the higest peak whose altitude is 1431 meter above sea level, abound with ever- green and deciduous forests and  medicinal herbs. In the mountains, there are also grounds for winter sports. The climate is moderately continental with four seasons, hot summers and snowy winters. The average air temperature in January is -200 C, while temperature in July is 180 C.

Coming to Jajce

It is possible to reach Jajce by car or by  bus, while the nearest train station is in Banjaluka. The road from Sarajevo to Jajce takes about three hours. The main road from Bihac to Sarajevo passes through the city itself. Road from Banja Luka passes through the canyon of the river Vrbas and takes around one hour. Road from Mostar to Jajce passes through Jablanica, Bugojno and Donji Vakuf, and it takes about three hours. Main road from Bihac to Jajce takes about two hours. Every day, buses from Sarajevo, Travnik, Bihac, Banja Luka and Mostar, drive to Jajce.

Bus station

It is located on the main road to Bihac, right after the bridge on the river Vrbas. ul. II zasjedanja AVNOJ-a bb tel: (0)30 658 047 Working hours: from 06:00 a.m. until 08:00 p.m.


The taxi services are located right next to the bus station.
The distance from Jajce in Kilometers
Sarajevo 144,5 km 
Banja Luka 70,5 km 
Mostar 160,8 km 
Bihac 149,3 km 
Zagreb 258,4 km 
Split 196,2 km