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Pliva Lakes

Pliva Lakes are one of the first things that everyone should visit in Jajce, according to TripAdvisor.

“It is probably enough to say that Jajce and Pliva Lakes region was hot spot for thousands of years. Monuments that are pre-dating Old Roman Empire can be found all around Pliva Lakes and the Town of Jajce. It is place of enormous beauty, just waiting for your enjoyment. River Pliva a pristine clean River that flows into and builds the delightful waterfall that will take your breath away,” said one of the editors.

“Jajce was one of the most positive surprises during my trip. It turned out as ideal for slowing down and just relaxing after a week on the road. It was very relaxing and the residents were very friendly and polite. The city itself is not much exciting, but the lakes are beautiful and lovely, both for swimming and for boat rides,” as written by one of the editors.

Besides Pliva Lakes, TripAdvisor also included the Pliva Waterfall, Watermills, the Fortress of Jajce, the Catacomb of Jajce, the AVNOJ museum, Ethnographic museum and Eco Pliva as the things everyone must do when visiting Jajce.